02 August 2023


We hope you have a great summer,  great holidays and lots of sunshine :))


Dear manufacturers,


We’re pleased to announce you since this day, it’s possible for you to get the PPE level 2 on

your back protectors attached with the harnesses.


The company Ricotest in Italy have formally qualified our test laboratory against the relevant

clauses of ISO 17025. That mean, after the tests done by Air Turquoise you can contact

Ricotest, provide our certified Impact Pad reports and they’ll manage the administration on it.


 You will obtain the label...


Here we go, the film is finally out!

Thanks to all the team and Cloudbase Productions for helping us to share our world of testing.


03 May 2022

Kössen Festival

We will be present at Kössen festival from 26 to 29 Mai to meet each of you.

Andrea and Nicolas will be there! Don't hesitate to say hello if you see us passing by, we will try to see each of you  :))



And of course especially for our customers who are :

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11 August 2021

Coupe Icare 2021

We will be in Saint Hilaire to visit manufacturer's booths on Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of September.


coupe icare



Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to set a meeting time.

Alain will be reachable on his mobile +41(0) 79 202 52 30 as well as Andrea +41(0) 76 323 52 30.

We are looking forward seeing you!


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