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08 November 2018
BGD Riot L
06 November 2018

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21 December 2017

The last days in 2017 and a new year around the corner

A new Year is almost gone, and we thinking back of what we have experienced this year: It has been busy from one point to the other. We are literally drowned in administration work. Hopefully we can release part of that, so we again can enjoy the nice spirit and…
06 April 2017

Spring is here

We feel the spring and it is more appreciating testing condition than the last couple of months. Here we are testing strength test of the Emergency parachute. It is performed from a helicopter. Emergency parachute is mounted on the weight dummy which is adjusted according to the specification of the…
22 December 2016

Season greetings 2016

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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