25 February 2008

Ozone and Gin gliders

Following gliders are EN certified: Ozone Addict XS and UltraLite 19, and Gin Yeti 22. Go to "All reports" to read the flight test reports.

We have published new pictures in the gallery under directory "flight test". We have also published new pictures from load test. We have some great series of shock test. The pictures are by  Alexandre Capt. He was together with us during test to shoot the pictures. See the nice results in the gallery

16 February 2008

New gliders certified

You will find certification documents for Sky Country Discovery 3 27 and Mac Para Technology Pasha 3 38 (tandem) under All reports.

Also rescue parachute Globe 120 from Dudek Paragliders is certified and you will aslo find the documents under All reports.

Here you can see the list for ongoing gliders.

22 January 2008

Stubai Cup - WG6

{mosimage}We were at Stubaital last weekend. It was beautiful weather and lot of people everywhere. As usually we don’t have time for flying; we had long meetings on Friday and Saturday.

WG6, the working group for EN standards has been reactivated. Last Saturday during Stubai Cup was the first time WG6 met together after they ended their work with EN 926 for years ago. Other participants for the WG6 meeting were Manufacturers, European Academy, DHV and us Air Turquoise. Aerotests from France...


We just finished the glider Sport 4 M from Airwave. This is the first glider which we have given two classifications in once, EN B and LTF 1-2. The EN flight report and sticker you will find on our page (follow the link “All reports”), while the LTF report will soon come on European Academy web page.

You might ask why this glider got two classifications. The reason is simply because German law requires LTF classifications on the gliders in Germany. If the manufacturer wants to sell the...

04 January 2008

Happy New Year !!!

We hope you all had a nice holiday and that 2007 remains with good memories. We hope this year will bring forth the best for your flying and only happy landings.

The first reports which are published in 2008 are Aerodyne Joy L, Airwave Alpine S, M and L (mountain glider), Airwave Slingshot (acro glider) and Ozone Gliders Bullet (speedflying).

26 November 2007

New partner

{mosimage}We have got a new partner; Aerodyne Technologies. Welcome onboard.

You can find the first EN certified gliders from Aerodyne under "All reports"

11 November 2007

New reports

We have published reports for Windtech Cargo 39 and Cargo 43, Aerodyne Joy XS, S and M. Joy L will come soon. We have tested Roadster S, M and L from Ozone with higher maximum weight; the flight test reports and stickers are updated.
31 October 2007

Rebel and Ultra Light

We are finished certification for Gin Gliders Rebel XS, the classification is C. Read flight test report here.

We have also finished rescue parachutes, Ultra Light, from Sup'Air.

18 October 2007

All reports online

Finally all test reports are online again. We are sorry for the delay.
If still some reports missing which I have missed out (even I have double checked) please let me know.

I still have to publish reports for force measurement for paramotor gliders. These reports will come soon.

We have to finalize certification for Gradient Avax XC 2 and Niviuk Peak before publish the test reports.  

Other information about certification will come on

07 October 2007

Test reports

We are currently publish the test reports one by one. It will take a while before all reports are online again. If you are missing some reports and you can not wait until it's published, please contact us.
Use contact us menu.

Here is the whole liste of certified glider.

Thanks for your patience. 


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