Saturday, 10 September 2016 08:45

Fly high my friend, Hannes Arch

Hannes left us too early, but leave us with great memories.
In the beginning of 1990's Andy Hediger came with his best friend Hannes as test pilot for Air Turquoise. We had really good time all together and tested gliders for many years. When Alain was thinking to bring Paragliders into the Hangglider aerobatic event in Villeneuve organised by the local club, Hannes and Andy were the best supporters and together we created the competition rules.
We were so much on the same line, Alain explained, it worked very well from the beginning. Hannes made all facilities to bring Red Bull as main sponsors for the famous aerobatic event, "Red Bull Vertigo".

In return it was normal for us to help him with his baby and famous event the "Red Bull X-Alps".

Plenty of good stories to mention, but we're out of words. We are still shocked by the news of his death and it's hard to believe we'll never see him around here anymore.

Now Hannes is in the sky somewhere and watching us. One time we'll meet again and we'll again share good memories and tell the history....

Hannes, you'll miss us a lot and we'll never forget you. We'll miss your shining flying eyes and good spirit, you were a perfect ambassadeur for the flying community.

We hope your projects and dreams will continue in the way you worked for.

Air Turquoise send warm thoughts to his family, friends and colleagues.

(picture of Hannes in Hangar 8, Salzburg 2013 edition of Red Bull X-alps)

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